The South Lawn has a new look!

New logo, same great flavor.

That is a quote that you see often used when it comes to sodas and restaurants, but it rarely pans out. When it comes to this blog, however, we can, without a doubt, tell you that it rings true.

The logo bears some explaining:

  • The color. It is red, because we are reds. We are socialists who have devoted our passion, heart, and soul into transforming the South for the better. We will continue to do the work required to build coalitions and bring about a progressive, democratic South.
  • The flower. It is a magnolia, that timeless symbol of sweet tea, cornbread, and amazing barbeque. It is representative of the region that we were born and raised in, and that we continue to call home.
  • The leaves. It is a nod to our former slogan, “It’s all about the grassroots, y’all!” It still is, as it always was.
  • The slogan. However, the new slogan fits the action-oriented nature of our advocacy. “Esse Quam Videri”, the state motto of North Carolina, is a Latin saying meaning “to be, rather than to seem”. In other words, talk is cheap. We believe that enough talking has been done; it is time to put deliberation into strategy, and strategy into action.

We hope that you enjoy the new look of The South Lawn. And, as always, stay tuned.