There Are Other Options.

The title is a little frustrating for me because this feels like one of those things that you should not have to explain to adults in the 21st century. And yet, here we are. From the linked piece:

So, while I understand that Hillary Clinton isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I can promise you this much – she’s a hell of a lot better than any Republican alternative. So to all of you liberals who loathe her and feel that voting for her would be “selling out,” do you really want a Republican president potentially replacing four Supreme Court Justices?

It will be an argument that neoliberal Democrats use early and often: vote for Hillary, otherwise the brownshirts will be choosing our next Supreme Court. They will use it because it is fairly persuasive; Democratic nominees to the Supreme Court are typically more liberal than Republican nominees to the Supreme Court, and it seems as if every Supreme Court ruling is being decided with a knife’s edge.

But here is what comes along with the opportunity to vote for someone who may or may not get to nominate a couple of Supreme Court justices:

  1. Hillary Clinton praised Henry Kissinger, calling him a friend and stating that she relied on his counsel. Makes sense given her role in helping to depose a democratically-elected president in Honduras.
  2. The title of this article is “Why Wall Street Loves Hillary”. If you can imagine, it has to do with her Wall Street-friendly economic policy than anything else.
  3. I am old enough to remember Hillary Clinton saying that she believes abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare”, which sounds an awful lot like the Texas GOP’s line on abortion shortly before the voted on a bill that ended up closing the vast majority of the state’s clinics.
  4. Hate war? Try and find a foreign military encounter that the United States has had that Hillary Clinton has not supported.

All of that for the possibility that she may be able to approve a Supreme Court justice or two? Really?

The American people do have options, though. Jill Stein is running for the Green Party presidential nomination. The Socialist Party USA typically runs candidates for president. Also, you could not vote at all for president or anything else. The options and strategies for you as an individual are limitless in 2016!

We need to have continued discussions on what it takes to build an independent working-class political movement in this country, but that is for another blog post. Today, the assertion just has to be made that the choice for leftists over the next nineteen months go beyond whatever middling centrist pablum the Democratic Party has on offer.

To assert otherwise is as short-sighted as it is disconnected from reality.