The next time someone tells you that voting for Democrats will change things…

Remind them of some key facts:

Gov. Jay Nixon (Democrat): declared state of emergency and has unleashed Highway Patrol and National Guard troops on Ferguson

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (Democrat): told reporters that she wanted media to leave within the first week of protests in Ferguson

County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch (Democrat): spend much of his speech blaming social media for this situation, rather than the police officer who actually killed someone

County Executive Charlie Dooley (Democrat): asks for peace from protestors, but not from the police chief who was appointed by his county commissioners and made violence upon the protestors in August

County Executive-elect Steve Stenger (Democrat): remains silent on Ferguson save for one ad, where he laments “division” and pledges to “bring people together”; no word about how he will be able to do this given that the County Prosecutor is one of his biggest backers

If you actually want systemic change, voting for more Democrats is the last thing that is going to satisfy your desires. After all, it appears that having Democrats running St. Louis County for as long as anyone can remember has not done much good.