Mo Brooks is embarrassing. The Alabama Democratic Party, even more so.

This week, U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) thoroughly embarrassed Alabamans from Muscle Shoals to Orange Beach with his comments that Democrats were waging a “war on whites”. Not only did Brooks make the comments on the Laura Ingraham Show, a conservative show syndicated nationally, but he mentioned the comments again in an interview on There are really several choice comments from that article, but here’s a couple:

I don’t know of a single Republican who has made an appeal for votes based on skin color. I don’t know of one.

Race is immaterial and everybody ought to be treated the same.

Laughable stuff, right? You are probably thinking to yourself, “That dude is gonna have a much harder time winning re-election after making comments like that.” And you would probably be right….

…..if Mo Brooks had an opponent.

Mo Brooks has, for all intents and purposes, already been re-elected to Congress from Alabama’s 5th Congressional District. I have blogged before about the failure of Alabama Democrats to field a U.S. Senate candidate for the first time in Alabama history, but that is not the only race in which Republicans will be cruising into office unopposed:

  • In addition to Mo Brooks’s seat, there is no Democrat opposing U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt in Alabama’s 4th Congressional District.
  • There are no Democrats running for either of the two seats on the Alabama Public Service Commission, which sets rates for utility and communications companies operating in the state. The only relatively pro-consumer commissioner, Republican Terry Dunn, was defeated in a landslide by Chip Beeker in the July runoff election.

And of the Democrats who are running for federal or statewide office, there is a lot left to be desired (Miranda Joseph and James Fields are notable exceptions in this regard).

The thought of someone like Mo Brooks representing any part of the United States, but particularly a state that gave birth to the largest movement for freedom in American history, is enough to make you sad. But the fact that the Alabama Democratic Party cannot find anyone to oppose him in his re-election? And the fact that ADP Chair Nancy Worley went on Capitol Journal and said that the inability to find candidates for statewide office was no big deal?

That should be enough to make you angry. It should also be enough to get you thinking about running for the State Democratic Executive Committee in the 2018 Democratic primary, and cleaning house with the party leadership in Montgomery.